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Mind Gestapo

18th June 2015
Copyright (c) 2013 Joe Vitale Now that I'm on an intense learning adventure to sing, play guitar, write my own music, and record my own album in 2011, I get to see what it's like to struggle in the pursuit of a goal in a new category. The key word ... Read >

How Rob Thomas Gets Inspired

03rd April 2015
Copyright (c) 2013 Joe Vitale He said he doesn't recall the last time he worked a 40 hour week because he works 18 hour days. (!) He went on to explain that he often spends entire days, one after the other, trying to write a song, and turning up not... Read >

Attracting Great Songs

24th November 2014
Copyright (c) 2013 Joe Vitale Here's another great lesson on how the Law of Attraction (combined with the Law of Creation) actually works in the real world: As you may recall from a previous post, I have taken the Rubicon Challenge. I am going to r... Read >

How to Attract a Better Future

06th February 2012
Forget resolutions. They're usually based on magical thinking, wishful thinking, and lack any real commitment or plan. We're already weeks into the new year and you've probably already forgotten your resolutions. Well, so has everyone else. We... Read >